Cryptedge Solutions is a platform for mental reprogramming

What We Offer

We are world class platform for bitcoin/forex trading, crypto and blockchain education. We help reprogram your brain for high performance and guide you to gain financial freedom through leverage.

What We Do

Cryptedge is an ecosystem and a lifestyle of people who have a shared value leveraging on different emerging technologies disrupting the conventional ways of doing business. Our system will equip you with financial literacy, leverage opportunities,  and value re-orientation. We believe in potentials more than credentials.

OTC Crypto Services

Cryptedge provides a solid, time-tested, transparent on-the- counter (bulk/wholesale) crypto deals for both private individuals (elites) and corporate entities at competitive pricing. As crypto and blockchain awareness and adoption increases, we are the best deal for both local and international clients who are looking to purchase Bitcoin in wholesale quantities. A trial will surely convince you!

Blockchain Education

As the digital assets landscape expands and the future of money unfolds, our core inspiration is not just to get maximum financial benefits in this emerging digital economy but to also impact millions of young people globally, in offering affordable educational courses for all categories of entrepreneurs who aspire to learn and have a firm know-how about the blockchain technology.

Promotional Partnerships

We provide a better financial freedom opportunities, an alternative financial solutions, bringing succor to interested members of the society who feel the pangs of the currently abused, politically skewed fiat financial system. We partner with the best international companies in the financial market spaces to help thousands of our people who seek for legitimate passive income opportunities.

What We Have Here for You

Human capital is the rich sauce of any thriving organization. So working with people of like-mind and helping them to succeed in this business is a pathway to building rich financial and social capital that would eventually serve as bedrock of self-financed successful global business.


Crypto Trading Solution

This is designed to take you through all the necessary steps to help you become A Pro Crypto Trader & Investor. Cryptocurrency is all about information and tools. Our courses will equip you with tools and information. We also provide a 5% referral plan that allows subsidizing the income from trading alone.

Cryptedge Forex Trading

Forex, also known as foreign exchange, FX or currency trading, is a decentralized global market where all the world’s currencies trade. The forex market is the largest, most liquid market in the world with an average daily trading volume exceeding $5 trillion. We offer the best knowledge and investment opportunities. You are also entitled to earn money while you learn.


Digital Assets portfolio management

Cryptedge is a comprehensive system designed for investment firms and institutional investors for the management of the entire investment cycle on an All-in-One platform. The system provides a comprehensive solution on a single platform for all aspects of asset and liability management, trading, listing, controls, regulation and reporting. Gain peace of mind knowing your digital assets are protected with a combination of advanced security practices and a comprehensive segregated digital multi-asset cold storage.

Companies We Have Partnered With

Currently, Cryptedge has membership presence in 6 countries and growing and we have partnered with top organisations in the nutritional products and blockchain industry .