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NUI International

By choosing to build a business with NUI, you first of all offer to help liberate financial possibilities for a lot of people as well as build a fortress of FORTUNE for yourself and your family.

Nui international offers crypto custody contracts related services done by artificial intelligence and highly trained professionals. But is proud to be a company of high credibility and technical capacity that can help you start to transform your financial life.

As a subsidiary of Appligate, a publicly traded company on NASDAQ, we understand the dynamics of the markets, its risks and profitability. We understand your need for capital security while trading and this is why we beat the competition in the space.

Without mincing words, we help all categories of partners globally, customers, affiliates, leaders to achieve an amazing financial height of their dreams. Our unique affiliate plan is about the best in the industry and offers to serve as useful for affiliates looking to help many people discover and harness a new world where money is no longer an object.

But international provides you an amazing opportunity to earn passive income up to 5% monthly plus extra daily income of up to 400% in team bonus and commission with unlimited leadership rank rewards and global-Trip.

Welcome To Nui Opportunity

At Nui international We have built a hybrid system ready made for you which you can trust and work for the next decade. With Nui International you have a safe investment haven that delivers profits to you regularly thanks to full security measures put in place which ensures you won’t have to worry about losing your capital.

Benefits of partnering with NUI International

❤️Charity: NUI KIDS. Funding less privileged children's education quests globally

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Our experts

Founder of NUI Social

Darien Olayan

President NUI International 

Rodrigo Silva

President of Appliqate

Lina Taylor

Abiodun Williams Shobowale

Top Leader-African Team

Nui international was introduced to me in July 2019. Against all odds we began work and have grown to more than 5000 membership in Africa. It has brought financial rest to thousands of African investors.

NFX...Who Is It For

At NUI, we open doors for all people around the world to play in the financial markets. Our highly skilled professionals are handy to provide you daily, the tools for profitable trading experience in the following markets:

  • Binary options
  • Forex
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Sports
  • Aitiors

We provide you daily tree alerts and carefully tailored market guide which if followed would mostly yield the best trading experience.  Participating in our trading programme allows you to personally participate in the market, tone your trading skill set while enjoying maximum profits all the week round

Global membership (Investors)
African Membership
Active Countries


Blockchain technology allows you to create and hold value in monetary form fully controlled by you. As trust and use case for crypto assets increase globally, so also is concern about security of funds due to unscrupulousactivusof hackers. Kala wallet offers to imigate this challenge of cryptocurrency theft. Our wallet provides five hot wallet insurance for funds stored in it. The implication is that your funds are safe and secure with our insurance facility.

The wallet also offers such functionalities as Golding of multiple cryptocurrencies such as Kalacoin, Bitcoin, etherumetc. Buyingand selling of cryptocurrencies is available too as well as currency swap services.

Create a wallet today and start storing your cryptos.

It is better to live with better people than you. Choose partners whose behaviour is better than yours and you can follow that direction.

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Note: NUI Is A Safe Investment Haven and A Sure Plan B For All.

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